8 Ways To Make Your HOA Meetings Productive


      Every couple of months when I attend a meeting of a particular association that we manage, at the end of the meeting I find myself saying to the board president “I wish you could come and train the rest of my boards” and then we laugh.


      The reason I say this to that board president is because the meetings run smoothly and are actually enjoyable to attend. Here’s what makes the meetings go so well:


      1. All board members arrive ahead of time with their board packets.
      2. All board members have already read their board packets.
      3. The meeting starts promptly at the scheduled time.
      4. If any board members have questions for management they are asked prior to the meeting so the manager can research the subject and have the answer available at the meeting.
      5. Homeowners feel free to speak and ask questions at the open forums before and after the meeting.
      6. The board discusses agenda items and then makes decisions.
      7. The board president gently guides the discussion back to the agenda if the board starts to get off topic.
      8. The executive session is held ahead of the open session so that homeowners can visit with each other after the meeting.

      The meetings run well, the homeowners feel welcome and appreciated, and most importantly THINGS GET DONE!