CreativityLisa McKenzie, the president and chief executive officer for Desert Living, Inc

After being in the community association management industry for more than 16 years, I still find that almost every day a new and unique situation presents itself. As a supervising manager of provisional community managers in my company, I am convinced that the most important trait for a community manager is the ability to be flexible and “roll with the punches”.


It’s taken me many years to fully understand the advice “Don’t take it personally”. When someone is in your face or calling you names or questioning your abilities, it’s not easy to not take it personally, we’re all human. (Well, most of us)


The easiest way to remember this is to think about yourself and what you want when you call a business. First of all, you don’t really want to make the call and then when you do, you don’t want to be given the impression that no one wants to talk to you or listen to your point of view. Listening first, and then trying to help goes a long way to calming down upset callers.

The most important thing of all is follow-through. If you just listen and then don’t do anything, then what’s the point? Our motto is “Exceeding Your Expectations Every Day” and the we do that by following through on our promises.

We can “Exceed Your Expectations Every Day”, too, give us a call!

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