As someone who has dealt professionally for over 10 years with Desert Living Management, and someone who has dealt professionally with countless property management companies over the course of my 30 years in the landscape industry in Las Vegas, | can honestly say that they are easily one of, if not the, best company I’ve had the good fortune of dealing with.

The nature of ownerships involvement in the day to day operations means you always get to where “the buck stops”. They are professional, yet personal and caring. They are patient and yet persistent. Their record of follow up and follow through is spotless.

So those are the tangible “professional” qualities that | think are important… but if you want to know what kind of company they are you always look at the leaders. Lisa and William have integrity and honesty in spades, and their work ethic and customer service principles are outstanding. It’s those qualities that inform all they do and you see it in their employees. | can’t recommend them enough.