| am president of the Stonegate Encore North HOA, a gated community of approximately 50 large single-family homes in the Silverado Ranch area. | rent out my former home there. Desert Living have been our management company since early 2017. We selected them after dissatisfaction with our prior management company. | am so glad we made the change.

Desert Living have done truly excellent work for us. They smoothly handled a transition from the prior management company (who offered negligible help in the process). They invested time to get up to speed quickly on the issues facing the community. They helped us review and replace key vendors such as landscapers with far better providers at considerably lower rates (we now save more than 40% on landscaping). They assisted with the biggest program of repairs and upgrades to the common areas that our community has ever seen, to the point where it has never looked better. They coordinated a comprehensive legal review of our rules, noticing that several were outdated or unclear. They even patiently and professionally handled the misconduct of one mischievous homeowner who had issues with the directors when we tried to enforce the rules against him. Our accounts have never looked better or been more clearly presented, and our collections policy is consistently enforced with past due balances far lower than they have been in recent years. Their rates are reasonable and we have never felt they are nickel and diming us or submitting questionable invoices. And at all times their staff have been incredibly responsive, helpful, positive and frankly a pleasure to work with.

As a 28-year attorney with experience of multiple local HOAs, | am often frustrated with the generally poor quality of management companies, especially those that forget that they work for the board and instead try to take control. Desert Living however are the exception and 1 would recommend them without hesitation as by far the most exceptional management company | have encountered.