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What is the purpose of an HOA?

A community association or HOA is formed to manage community common areas and enforce the governing documents of the association.

What are common areas?

The common areas of an association are defined in the association’s documents and generally include amenities enjoyed by all owners. These may include landscaping, gated entries, swimming pools, clubhouses, and other improvements to the property.

How is the amount of assessments decided?

The board of directors is made up of volunteer homeowners who work with the management to develop the budget of the association. The budget helps the board determine if the current assessments are sufficient or if they need to be increased or decreased.

What happens if I am unable to pay my assessments?

The first and most important thing to do is contact the management company and the board to let them know. They can work with you to make arrangements such as a payment plan that can help you get caught up. The association’s collection policy will outline the procedure for handling delinquent accounts and, in some cases, homeowners may lose access to amenities while their account is delinquent.

Do I have to get approval for satellite dishes and solar panels?

FCC Rules prohibit homeowner associations from preventing a homeowner from installing a satellite dish, although they may have some restrictions on placement. In addition, changes made to Nevada law in 2009 forbid HOAs from enforcing any regulation that prohibits or unreasonably restricts a residential property owner from using a system to obtain solar energy, including solar paneling.

I got a letter to trim my trees because they are hanging over my neighbor’s wall. Can they do that?

YesOwners are responsible for keeping their trees trimmed and making sure they do not infringe on their neighbor’s property or the association’s common area.

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